Initiation in the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine

An introduction to the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine with journal writing, creative projects and conscious living practices.

YES! I enter the Free Initiation.

The Initiation into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine

Reclaim the wisdom, gifts and powers of your Sacred Feminine to Awaken the Goddess Dancing in your Heart

This free course is your initiation into the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom. It reveals the symbolism, archetypes, shamanic secrets and foundation teachings that allow you to:

  • Unearth the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine that centuries of patriarchy have buried at the bottom of your psyche.
  • Understand why we are out of control and destroying ourselves and the earth because of the devaluing of the Sacred Feminine.
  • Tap into the Collective Consciousness to connect to the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom.
  • Access the symbolism embedded in the Bewomaning Goddess figure you see here to awaken your Female Gifts.
  • Awaken your Shakti Power and heal or reclaim your Shiva Power.
  • Discover, value and express your Female Gifts to assume your self-authority, strengthen your confidence and share your gifts with the world.
  • Perform your Inner Marriage, bringing into harmony your Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine to be whole, take effective action in the world and become the Goddess within you.

Course Elements

Each Lecture includes:
  • Body of Knowledge with links to resources. This knowledge is acquired through direct online reading, illustrated downloadable PDFs, artwork, posters and some audios.
  • Story-time and "Show don't tell" sections where I share my own experiences or create stories to help you absorb the knowledge.
  • A research adventure to expand the knowledge. There are links to online resources, books, artists, experts and more.
  • Journal writing questions to connect the knowledge to your current situation.
  • A fun, creative task or project to explore that knowledge in my "play for transformation" trademark approach, and
  • Easy Conscious Living Practices to apply that knowledge to your every day life with ease and grace.

Empower you to live the Female Way

In this course you will be introduced to new, eye-opening concepts that will surprise you at first. But as you read on you will realize that you somehow "knew" this. That is because the course is meant to help you "remember" your own Female Wisdom, to activate your awareness of the way in which you feel, know, learn and change organically as a woman when you honor the Female Way.

Once you are aware of this way that is organic to you, you will begin to recognize when you are out of balance because the way you are going about your work, dreams or life is out of alignment with your Goddess Gifts. This misalignment results in stress, pain or struggle.

Now you will be able to balance the Sacred Masculine (which is the way most things are done after centuries of patriarchy) with the Sacred Feminine to create a female-friendly life, work and choices.

Bonuses & Publications

You will also receive the following bonuses and publications with your free course:
  • When the Moon Left: Honoring the Female Face of Power (Storybook with Medicine Story and ceremonial instructions) By Maria Mar
  • The Alchemy of Vulnerability (Illustrated Poetry journey) By Maria Mar
  • Blessings for your Body (story and body love tips) by Corazon Tierra
  • Subscription to the Bewomaning Magazine. We will send you a link to subscribe to this exquisite magazine with in-depth, quality articles, poetry and art about the Goddess and the Sacred Feminine.
  • You will then receive a VIP Notice when the Bewomaning Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom opens a new course, including:
  • A 25% discount on fees if you register within 24 hours of the VIP Notice

Course Curriculum


Maria Mar


Head Mistress and Priestess

A PBS-TV featured actress, author and storyteller, Maria Mar combines creativity, spirituality and transformational knowledge to help you embody your Goddess Self. Maria has helped thousands of women in three continents to embody their purpose, discover and share their gifts with the world and become the goddess dancing in their hearts. She is also a shaman and visual artist and the "head mistress and priestess" of the Bewomaning Sacred School of Wisdom as well as the creatress of the Bewomaning Experience (tm). A shaman in the tradition of the Sacred Feminine, Maria Mar engages the transformational power of story as alchemy to help you transform your old story of limitations into your new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. Maria has championed, empowered and inspired women in three continents for more than 40 years and walks her talk, living her life as a 365 days transformation laboratory on creative living, Goddess Embodiment and the transmutation of obstacles into mastery.