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Bewomaning Tales & Journeys-PREMIUM 6

A rites of passage for the 21st Century woman based on the alchemical power of story to rewire your brain and rewrite your life.

Book Series with Shamanic Journeys

The Bewomaning Tales & Journeys


Walk the Path of a Woman of Power

Let me share with you the stories I created
during my training as a Woman of Power as I dove into the layers of my psyche that had been hidden from my own eyes. Up to that moment, life was happening to me and it was a constant struggle. From that moment on, I went into a magical journey –by no means easy, but so amazing and empowering!– to discover my wounds and transform each broken place within me into a place of grace, genius and power.

These stories were created during the span of 20 years

of self-healing, personal growth and spiritual training as a shaman. I used story, creative writing and the arts as the tools to transmute the lead of my limitations into the gold of my brilliance.

One day I sat down to read the stories

and was shocked to realize that my Spirit Guides had done more than help me heal. They had given me a journey that I could share with other women and that formed a Rites of Passage to female self-actualization.

By absorbing the stories in this book series,

watching over the shoulders of the protagonist as she faces her Inner Archetypes and Shadows and as she meets and overcomes her challenges you walk in her shoes emotionally, vibrationally, intentionally and spiritually.

You become the seeker and my Spirit Guides join yours

to help you see, understand and apply the shamanic insights and tools embedded in each story.

As the protagonist meets the unknown and discovers the shamanic insights

embedded in the story, you learn the same lessons she is learning, but you do not learn them as information. You learn them as if you were undergoing that experience. You then absorb this as a Neural Map that you carry forward into your own life.

Here’s how this story journey helps you:

  • Discover and creatively engage the Female Archetypes within to free your true self and tap into your potential.
  • Experience a story path that helps you heal and strengthen each of your chakras
    and the female issues inherent to them.
  • Employ and enjoy your creativity through arts & crafts to as a way to PLAY –instead of struggle– for your transformation.
  • Dismantle the old limiting stories that keep you playing small and awaken the Goddess dancing in your heart.
  • Transmute your breaking points into your Power Points.
  • Heal centuries-old Female Wounds that lay deep in your psyche and sabotage your self-worth and success.
  • Release learned limitations and step into her greatness.
  • Unleash the magic within you to express your true colors, free and share your radiance and embody your purpose.
  • Enrich your life skills with shamanic insights and tools
    from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom that are embedded in the stories.
  • Awaken the Female Face of Power within you so that you can assume your authority, leadership, creative genius and brilliance in a collaborative, compassionate, creative way. What’s inside?
    I accompany each book with journal questions, audio meditations and creative projects
    that help you clarify, direct and enjoy each of the seven stages of the Bewomaning Process, each connected to a chakra and to a Female Gift unlocked within you.
    There are 10 Story Journeys, one journey a month.

"Your personal problems are not just personal. Your individual limitations did not start with you. Shame, guilt, invisibility, devaluation and invalidation have stolen fragments of the female soul and psyche. This makes us feel defective, incomplete or undeserving. Reclaiming these pieces is a shamanic soul retrieval journey."

If you feel that...

  • You do not belong, that you don't have a place among those who shine or are happy.
  • You do not have a right to do what you want, that it is somehow selfish.
  • Constantly doubt yourself or hold yourself back.
  • Get paralyzed by a war between what makes you happy, your values and what is organic to you in one side and what's supposed to be powerful or successful or a good mother or daughter on the other hand.
  • You are selfish when you do things for yourself, give yourself time or focus on your dream.
  • You are carrying old wounds of heartbreak, sexual shame, abandonment or inadequacy,
  • You are earning less, being less valued or respected and not working or living on your own terms, or
  • You keep procrastinating yourself, your dream, your freedom or your priorities for others who ultimately do not value your sacrifice.

...Then the stories in the Bewomaning Tale Series can be a path to reclaim your power within the context of the Sacred Feminine.

"Let me guide you in a magical journey through storytelling. Safely recover the pieces of your Soul that have been stolen by patriarchy, pain and prejudice. Joyfully embrace and embody the Goddess dancing in your heart." Maria Mar
I am Maria Mar, author, storyteller and shaman and the creatress of The Bewomaning Experiencetm.

"Bewomaning is the process of being a woman on your own terms, free of the limitations that your herstory, family history or culture has imposed on you. It is also the journey through which you awaken and become the Goddess in you." Maria Mar

What you get when you subscribe:

  • One (or more) Bewomaning Tale per month for 10 months. There are already many available and more become available on a monthly basis. When you register for the Bewomaning Tales & Journeys, you get each tale delivered to your inbox once a month. You get an email with a link to download the storybook from the Bewomaning School of Sacred Feminine Wisdom. These storybooks are in PDF format and can also be read in the browser from anywhere in the world. Many of the books come accompany with guidance material or illustrated Poetry Journeys. A value of $80
  • An audio meditation for each book, to practice shifting your reality. A value of $85
  • Ask the Shaman- Weekly access to leave me a question, scenario or feedback for any story. You call it in. Just share whatever you want or ask about what is coming up for you through the story. Then I answer with a custom-made answer just for you. Exclusive offer not available in any other program. A value of $360
  • One-year access to my Weekly Alignment Calls. Uplift your vibration. Release old, stagnant energies. Clear the clouds of doubt and despair. Free your radiance. Send a clear, potent broadcast to the universe to attract what you desire. Open your heart and let love enter, flow and emanate from you to the world. Create your own happy ending! A $360 Value.
  • Journaling Prompts for each book for journal writing. After downloading the book you will find journaling questions that you can use in your own journey for the seven stages of the Bewomaning Process. A Value of $50**
  • Artchemy™ Project & Rites of Passage for each book. Use arts & crafts to harness the emotions and energy frequency and expand your consciousness in ceremony as you apply the book to your life and unlock your potential in your own unique way. Includes: art journaling, collaging, drawing and mindmapping, dance and movement, song and voice, enactment, and other crafty stuff so that you can PLAY for your transformation. A Value of $50.
  • The Story Tracking Ebook: This manual takes you step-by-step through the process of using a shamanic story as a tracking device to spot your Blind Spots, hidden interference and limiting stories. Armed with this powerful little book, you will be able to master the art of Story Alchemy. A Value of $5.99

Plus see your premium benefits below.


Month 1
  • When the Moon Left: Honoring the Female Face of Power (Archetypal Story with Medicine Story and Ceremonial Instructions)
  • The Embrace: The Power of Zero (Novella)
It is Stage 1 of the Bewomaning Process: Become the beloved. Make your Sacred Self your true home. Get off the Victim Stool and seat on the Creatress Throne. Release the illusion of abandonment and separation. Heal your Orphanhood of the Soul. Acquire Alchemical Presence

Month 2
  • BONUS: A Place for Roses (novella). This novella will show you how I do my own hunting for hidden stories. In the novella I am tracking for some family issues related to love, health and prosperity.
  • The Story Tracking Ebook will guide you step by step on how to track a shamanic story to allow it to uncover your own hidden stories so that you can change your life.
This month is your Story tracking intensive training.

Month 3

  • The Alchemical Rose: A woman Dives into her loss to grow her Love (Novella).
  • This is now becoming a full-length novel entitled:
  • Awakening the Rose: A Woman's Journey from Heartbreak to Tantric Ecstasy (Full-length novel)
You get the first edition and then the update when it's published.

This is Stage 4 of the Bewomaning Process: Become love. Dive into your loss to grow your Love and awaken the powers of your Sacred Heart. Acquire Heart Coherence.This month is your Story tracking intensive training.

Month 4

  • Fifi Wants Salsa: A Woman Frees her Sexuality from the Shackles of Shame (Novella)
This is Stage 2.1 of the Bewomaning Process: Become a Passionista
• Release sexual shame
• Reclaim your sexuality
• Free your creative genius
• Awaken the Goddess in your womb
Acquire Sexual and Creative Freedom.

Month 5

  • Wild Majesty: A Woman Melts the Fear that Froze her Power into Fibroids (Novella.)
This is Stage 2.2 of the Bewomaning Process: Become the Rose Warrior. Walk through your fear into your truth and free the flow of life within you. Acquire impeccability.

Month 6
  • Fallen Star, Rising Star: They fell prey to darkness, shame and vengeance.Their love rose them above ruination, evil and defilement.(Novel)
This is Stage 2.3 of the Bewomaning Process: Become a Tantric Goddess. Integrate the darkness in you and the world to recast the Shadows into the light of love and the delight of pure passion. Acquire self-integration.

Month 7

  • The Bird of Passion: A Woman Unclips her Wings and Takes Flight (Novella)
This is Stage 3 of the Bewomaning Process: Become an Influencer. Transmute your limitations into possibilities and share your gifts with the world. Acquire self-authority.

Month 8

  • The Healer who Forgot to Dance: A Woman Reweaves her Sacred Self
This is Stage 5 of the Bewomaning Process: Become Grace. Reweave your Sacred Self to Free your Radiance, follow delight and express your grace. Acquire Ecstatic Service and Living.

Month 9

  • The Betrayal: A Woman Heals her Fractured Self (Novella)
It is Stage 6 of the Bewomaning Process: Become a leader. Integrate vision and implementation. Align thought and emotions. Acquire Congruence.

Month 10

  • Amarmira's Song: A Woman Marries her Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine to Become Whole.
It is Stage 7 of the Bewomaning Process: Becoming the co-creator of your life. Healing the Inner Divorce, undergoing the Marriage of Self, releasing old limiting stories and creating the story of your brilliance illuminating the world. Acquire Lucidity.


  • Dedicated autograph especially written for you by Maria Mar, with a blessing included.
  • Subscription and direct email delivery of the Bewomaning Magazine
  • Additional monthly bonuses- For some stories I include a complimentary bonus, like an Illustrated Poetry Journey to inspire you, uplift your vibrational frequency and liberate the Goddess inside you.
  • One gift book for a friend (digital format)
  • 30% Discount on softcover edition

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Intended Audience: women, creative women, female leadership, female self-actualization, rites of passage for women, creativity for life

DAY 1: BOOK 1: When the Moon Left
DAY 2: BOOK 2: The Embrace: The Power of Zero
DAY 3: Journaling Questions-Chapter 1: The Empty Hands
ARTchemy: From Empty Hands to Infinite Treasures
Journaling Questions Chapter 2: HOmeless
Journaling Questions: Chapter 3
Journaling Questions for chapter 4: Embracing the Shadows
Journaling Question: Chapter 5: The Haunted and the Hunter
Journaling Questions: Chapter 6: The Dream House
Journaling Questions: Chapter 7: Embracing the Light
DAY 1: BONUS BOOK: A Place for Roses
DAY 2: Story Tracking manual
DAY 3: Journaling questions for Chapter 1:

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  • Works on all devices
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Maria Mar


Head Mistress and Priestess

A PBS-TV featured actress, author and storyteller, Maria Mar combines creativity, spirituality and transformational knowledge to help you embody your Goddess Self. Maria has helped thousands of women in three continents to embody their purpose, discover and share their gifts with the world and become the goddess dancing in their hearts. She is also a shaman and visual artist and the "head mistress and priestess" of the Bewomaning Sacred School of Wisdom as well as the creatress of the Bewomaning Experience (tm). A shaman in the tradition of the Sacred Feminine, Maria Mar engages the transformational power of story as alchemy to help you transform your old story of limitations into your new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. Maria has championed, empowered and inspired women in three continents for more than 40 years and walks her talk, living her life as a 365 days transformation laboratory on creative living, Goddess Embodiment and the transmutation of obstacles into mastery.