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Introduction to:

Bewomaning Tales & Journeys

The Story

They celebrated the Sun when the moon peaked into the gathering. The men got offended. Was the Moon trying to steal the Sun’s spotlight? The women knew better, but afraid of conflict, said nothing… and then the Moon decided to teach her children a little appreciation!

This story is an archetypal allegory revealing what has happened with our society, as for centuries we have lived under the exclusive rule and values of the Sacred Masculine, creating a patriarchal structure that does not serve women, families and communities, exploits the planet and generates war and opposition.

Story Alchemy

This story introduces the Sacred Feminine (Shakti) and Sacred Masculine (Shiva) aspects in the universe, society and in your being. It reveals how they are out of balance in our society and how to marry them for personal power and transformation.

In this introduction, you will find the entire journey for this story inside the downloadable storybook. It includes:
  • The story
  • The Medicine Story
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Templates
  • Inner Marriage Ceremony

  • I have added a Bewomaning Resource to expand and apply the knowledge of the Sacred Feminine, and
  • An Advance Shamanic insight and tool to help you create effective actions for what you want.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Bewomaning Experience
Weeks 1-2: The Storybook
Week 3: Resource: The Bewomaning Magazine

Maria Mar


Head Mistress and Priestess

A PBS-TV featured actress, author and storyteller, Maria Mar combines creativity, spirituality and transformational knowledge to help you embody your Goddess Self. Maria has helped thousands of women in three continents to embody their purpose, discover and share their gifts with the world and become the goddess dancing in their hearts. She is also a shaman and visual artist and the "head mistress and priestess" of the Bewomaning Sacred School of Wisdom as well as the creatress of the Bewomaning Experience (tm). A shaman in the tradition of the Sacred Feminine, Maria Mar engages the transformational power of story as alchemy to help you transform your old story of limitations into your new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. Maria has championed, empowered and inspired women in three continents for more than 40 years and walks her talk, living her life as a 365 days transformation laboratory on creative living, Goddess Embodiment and the transmutation of obstacles into mastery.