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A Rites of Passage for the 21st Century Woman

Through storytelling, story alchemy, journaling and arts and crafts... the way you learn as a woman!

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Each story is a self-contained journey of transformation. Learn at the pace you want. Go through one module or through all. Stories are dripped monthly to allow you ample time to enjoy and play. Then you have one year to attend calls. Materials are downloadable, so you keep them forever.

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Bewomaning Tales & Journeys

10 books. 10 journeys. Transformation for a lifetime.

Bewomaning Course-Introduction

Enjoy the first storybook and journey and understand the importance of reclaiming the Female Face of Power. Free trial.


Maria Mar

Created and taught by

Maria Mar

Maria Mar

Head mistress of the Bewomaning School

Walk the Path of a Woman of Power

Let me share with you the stories I created
during my training as a Woman of Power as I dove into the layers of my psyche that had been hidden from my own eyes. Up to that moment, life was happening to me and it was a constant struggle. From that moment on, I went into a magical journey --by no means easy, but so amazing and empowering!-- to discover my wounds and transform each broken place within me into a place of grace, genius and power.

These stories were created during the span of 20 years
of self-healing, personal growth and spiritual training as a shaman. I used story, creative writing and the arts as the tools to transmute the lead of my limitations into the gold of my brilliance.

One day I sat down to read the stories
and was shocked to realize that my Spirit Guides had done more than help me heal. They had given me a journey that I could share with other women and that formed a Rites of Passage to female self-actualization.

By absorbing the stories in this book series,
watching over the shoulders of the protagonist as she faces her Inner Archetypes and Shadows and as she meets and overcomes her challenges you walk in her shoes emotionally, vibrationally, intentionally and spiritually.

You become the seeker and my Spirit Guides join yours
to help you see, understand and apply the shamanic insights and tools embedded in each story.

As the protagonist meets the unknown and discovers the shamanic insights
embedded in the story, you learn the same lessons she is learning,
but you do not learn them as information.
You learn them as if you were undergoing that experience.

You then absorb this as a Neural Map that you carry forward into your own life.

Here’s how this story journey helps you:

Discover and creatively engage the Female Archetypes within
to free your true self and tap into your potential.

Experience a story path that helps you heal and strengthen each of your chakras
and the female issues inherent to them.

Employ and enjoy your creativity through arts & crafts to as a way to PLAY --instead of struggle-- for your transformation.

Dismantle the old limiting stories that keep you playing small
and awaken the Goddess dancing in your heart.

Transmute your breaking points into your Power Points.

Heal centuries-old Female Wounds that lay deep in your psyche

and sabotage your self-worth and success.

Release learned limitations and step into her greatness.

Unleash the magic within you to express your true colors,

free and share your radiance and embody your purpose.

Enrich your life skills with shamanic insights and tools
from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom
that are embedded in the stories.

Awaken the Female Face of Power within you so that you can assume your authority,
leadership, creative genius and brilliance in a collaborative, compassionate, creative way.

What's inside?

I accompany each book with journal questions, audio meditations and creative projects
that help you clarify, direct and enjoy each of the seven stages of the Bewomaning Process, each connected to a chakra and to a Female Gift unlocked within you.

There are 10 Story Journeys, one journey a month.

Each Story Journey includes:
* A storybook
with a short story, novella or novel
Journaling Prompts and questions that guide you through the process based on the chapters of the book
* An ARTchemy(tm) -
-a creative project through which you create the alchemy of Bewomaning.
These projects include:
Art journaling, collaging, dance and movement, enactment, sewing, drawing, mapping, doodling, etc.
* An audio meditation
to shift your reality and practice your Bewomaning.
* Bonus stories, guidance materials and/or Inspirational, soul-nourishing poetry journeys
* Weekly Alignment Calls
to align your energy frequency with your Bewomaning.
* Ask the Shaman
-- post your private questions and get private answers.

You can choose two premium options that allow you to do private, secured online journaling with my guidance and support:

* Premium 6 Level:
six months of guided journal writing.
* Mentorship Level:
twelve months of guided journal writing plus three 2-hour private, live face-to-face sessions with Maria Mar (via Skype).

· Bonus novella: A Place for Roses (Month 2)

· Story Tracking: How to Ride the Story as a Path to Change YOUR Story (Month 2)

· Subscription and direct email delivery of the Bewomaning Magazine

· Dedicated autographs for one or all books. (Send to you via email.)

· One gift book for a friend (digital format).

· 30% Discount on softcover edition of any of the

How long do I have access?

You have a 12-months access
to the Bewomaning Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom and the Bewomaning Tales & Journeys.

During this year you can read the stories and go through your own journey with the support of my live calls, Ask the Shaman private question posting and guidance material.

You download the stories and materials, so you have a lifetime access to everything.

What is the Bewomaning Experience ™?

The Bewomaning Experience™ gives you a blueprint to become the woman you already are inside, growing your wings from within --like butterfly.

It helps you to shed the distorted and limiting definitions, labels and expectations on women that our culture imposes on you, including:
The Good Girl and the Bad Girl Polarities
(Neither of which is a whole person but a label for others' pleasure)
The Obedient Daughter
(obedience=good daughter)
The Sacrificing Mother
(Who has no life, places no limits on her children and becomes a slave to her family)
The Dragon Lady
(Who may simple be a figure of authority --whether a boss or leader--
who some men and women cannot digest)
The good female employee
(Who does not negotiate the best entry terms and enters with less salary than others with equal skills and experience, who does not ask for a raise when it is due and who gets skipped on promotion day!!)
The Man-hater
(When you are simply a feminist-standing for your rights)
The "Sexy" --or not sexy enough-- female
(Vs. an attractive, sensual and sexual woman who deserves sensual pleasure and sexual fulfillment for herself, not as seen by others or for her body parts.)
The Selfless Caretaker
(Who lives for others, has no personal time and is not appreciated or valued in the hard and important work of caring for children, elders or the sick) and
The Dutiful Wife
(Who gets asked "What's for dinner?" instead of kissed when she is picked up by her hubby.) (Humm! Why not happy in a mutually supportive love partnership that holds no prisoners?)

The Bewomaning Experience(tm) empowers you to be a woman on your own terms!

The Power of Story to Change your Life

At a time when neuroscience is discovering that our mind's default system is story
and that story is the way we perceive and transform our reality, the Bewomaning Tales & Journeys bridges the gap between the old definition of fiction (not real) and
personal growth books (real). Instead, these shamanic stories --written with intentional insights, tools and shifts of perception embedded in
the story
-- empower you to change your own real life story.

That's right! If you want to live, love or work in a way that makes you happy or fulfilled
BUT it's not happening now...
Chances are that there is an old, learned limiting Story Field holding you back. Your brain is holding on to an old story and wiring you to see and respond to the present as if it was running on that story script. No wonder you feel trapped!

I created Story Alchemy™ to allow you to use shamanic stories and your creativity to change those old limiting stories and create the life you want.

In this magical, creative and playful journey...
You not only READ a deeply moving story,
but you RIDE it as a path to change your own story.


Introductory Story:
Facing the Faceless One
Stage: Foundation:
Introduction to the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine aspects of your psyche.
BOOK 1: When the Moon Left
Stage 1: Become the Beloved
BOOK 2: The Embrace:The Power of Zero
Stage 2.1: Become the Passionista
BOOK 3: Fifi Wants Salsa
Stage 2.2: Become the Rose Warrior
BOOK 4:Wild Majesty
Stage 2.3: Become a Tantric Goddess.
BOOK 5: Fallen Star, Rising Star
Stage 3: Become a co-creator of your life
BOOK 6: The Bird of Passion
Stage 4: Become love.
BOOK 7: Alchemical Rose/Awakening the Rose
Stage 5: Become Grace.
BOOK 8: The Healer who Forgot to Dance
Stage 6: Become an Influencer
BOOK 9: The Betrayal
Stage 7: Become a Female Leader
BOOK 10: Amarmira's Song

Watch the video above for information on the stories, the Story Alchemies
and the experience in this journey.

This journey is specially designed for spiritual creative women who prefer to PLAY for their transformation and who want to employ their creativity to create the life they want.

Is this you? Then welcome. You are one of us!